9 PhotoSeries – KTM Duke 390 photos

On a recent ride to Bagalkot in North Karnataka, 3 KTM Duke 390s joined us. So, to continue the 9 photos series, this time around, its photos of KTM Duke 390. These are some early morning shots of the KTM including some detailed KTM Duke 390 photos. Though I haven’t yet gotten around to riding this motorcycle as yet, looking at its performance on the highway from my motorcycles, it is the next king of the heap among Indian motorcycles. At the moment.

Photos of KTM Duke 390 rearview

KTM Duke 390 photos

The last thing you see when the 390s are catching you on the highway. Being on a slower motorcycle, these quick 390s catch up really quick and just breeze through traffic effortlessly.

Photos of KTM Duke 390 just before the overtake

KTM 390 Hand-guards

Glad to see that KTM is offering these as standard as opposed to the Duke 200 situation, where you had to pay Rs.5,000 at the KTM dealers for one or going the import route to get something like the
one of the after market handguards
, for e.g. Acerbis.

Stock handguard pair comes for 1200 ..which are not so useful..they can be called as a show piece as they broke down quite often.Just a mild push and they are all over the ground. The hand guard which comes as power part are worth buying. .they are priced around Rs. 3,000 – Rohit Upadhyay

KTM Duke 390 photos handguards

KTM Duke 390 photos – Engine

Where the difference is! Given that the 390 looks pretty similar to the 200 and the only obvious change being in the stickering, this is where most of the difference is. To the untrained eye (you fellas are better, you’ll find a 100 other differences). It pulls pretty hard even at 110 kmph and goes on pulling away for a while. Very useful tool if you want to buzz your friends as they vibrate along on most other highway motorcycles. Yup, these fellows did that to me, sparing no mercy!

KTM Duke 390 photos engine

How Old – KTM 390s

The 3 KTM 390s below were taken delivery of on almost the same dates. They are about a month old; damn buzzing hornets on the highway. If I were touring one of these, I would seriously consider getting a tail bag, since that is what would best suit them.
KTM Duke 390 photos parking

Photos of KTM Duke 390’s foot pegs…

… prove that these motorcycles are meant to be leaned over and ridden hard. The Metzelers that come stock on them is supposedly really good. Initial thoughts that many have shared is that it may last about 10k kms before needing replacement if ridden hard. Time will tell. You can check out even better tyres for the KTM Duke 390, but these are the best supplied tyres on any bike in India.
KTM Duke 390 photos gear shifter

KTM390 Cockpit

I would have really preferred a larger windscreen. But that may be just me. I like to protected, at speeds nearing 100 mph, out of the wind. KTM may release a full faired version at some point in time, but till then, this little scoop is what it will need to be. PS: when I saw windscreen, do not think of something huge like
Tall Touring Windscreen for the Triumph Tiger 800/XC
, but something more integrated. KTM RC390 anyone?!
KTM Duke 390 photos cockpit

KTM Duke 390 photos  – Just posin’ around

KTM Duke 390 photos

Time to cool off

They could have made that radiator guard look so much better, especially given that its a very important part which its protecting. I would love to make something like this radiator armor which would definitely be a face-lift.KTM Duke 390 photos radiator

As, people slept at the venue, I had realised that Sanju’s motorcycle sat there unlocked and pushed it aside to take some snaps. I am not sure if all the pictures were from this lone bike, but,  thanks for letting me use them!

If you would like to send photos to this series, please contact me.