Enfield Explorers chasing Anchetty

Picking this up from after the return from Kerala (on our Big 2013 ride), you may remember that the motorcycle had a terrible problem. One that caused it to not cross 3,000 RPM and had forced me to ride under that, while being fully loaded. It was the death of my 29mm CV Carb’s diaphragm, which meant I got a new carb. Which also meant, back road solo rides to test it. Testing with the Enfield Explorers chasing Anchetty which had been elusive to the group for more than one reason.

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ThunderDuck highway ride in the cafe racer mode

A ride with the Bike Nomads, to a small water-body, the Shoolagiri dam off Hosur road. The first part of the ride ended at the Reliance A1 near Hosur, where the Rotarians who were riding along too, returned. A few of the others carried on and had a nice ride.

Added inspiration to ride was that the 6th round of the national championships was round the corner and this is the only time I would get to test out the café racer positioning of the clip on handle bars and the rear sets.

Cafe Racer Abhijith Rao Bike Nomad

Pics by Uday.

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Crusty Demons – Free style Motocross stunt show

Author: Keerthi Jayasimha
Event date: 2005, December 10
Venue: Palace Grounds, Bangalore

Palace Grounds Concert Area was chosen as the demonic site for all the evil stunts to be done by the aussie team: Crusty Demons. Coupla streets away on the way to the venue I could already feel the high spirits of the approaching teenage motorcyclists savagely trying to overtake every possible vehicle in front. I smiled as rode in. Continue reading “Crusty Demons – Free style Motocross stunt show”