BOBMC RiderMania 2016 Photos

Plenty of BOBMC RiderMania 2016 photos from the various events, pepper this page. I am not sure if the order of these pictures is perfect. After a good rest from yesterday’s ride, things are a bit hazy. This is how it looked in the morning from our hotel room up there, as riders came in.  We got ready to head to the venue about 20 kilometres out of Nagpur.

BOBMC RiderMania 2016 photos parking
The gathering of RTMC riders

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Rider Mania 2016 – It is almost time.

BOBMC RiderMania 2016

Alrighty, it is time for Rider Mania 2016! By this time next Wednesday, Rolling Thunder MC would have finished one day of riding and will be chilling out someplace in Telangana. I’m headed to BoBMC RM 2016, with the brothers from Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club. This is hosted by Wanderlust, Nagpur for this year. The boys from the Orange city have got my hopes up with the promise of “the loudest, maddest and wildest Biker bash yet”. And what they want us to do is “rock hard and live free”! You got it brothers, Haha!

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