Bangalore Hampi – Ducking rain

Tumagbhadra Backwaters Bangalore Hampi Abhi Kavitha

Start of another trip, we decided to stay in and explore our very own Karnataka this time around. Bangalore Hampi was not our plan. We planned to head out towards Chitradurga and take it as it comes.  As usual, it was a late start. We loaded up HotFix and headed out. The weather seemed lovely, roads seemed to have held up and we made good speed. #8378 on the odometer, as we pulled out.

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The Big 2009 Ride: Day 9 – Baroda to Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Kavitha at Kavitha

This day was all about riding across the rest of Gujarat, from Baroda to Dadra. Last night she had not let me head back to the largest dandiya in the world and I was miffed! But then, a good session of Counter Strike(?) with some of the local kids had been fun and a good stress reliever while Kavitha slept off. To each her (or his) own, I guess.

Narmada (Baroda to Dadra)
Crossing the Narmada

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KTM Duke 200 touring – Quickie

How many of you have wanted to travel on a small quick motorcycle but never have due to various reasons? Probably not too many because that’s the norm. But, for me it’s always been 350 cc or more (not that the RE motorcycles are fast) and the KTM Duke series are motorcycles that I’ve always wanted to try. This is a write up from when I managed to get my hands on one and head out to the countryside. Continue reading “KTM Duke 200 touring – Quickie”