Rider Mania 2005

Rider Mania (RM) has always been an event that has held a kind of weird fascination for me. This is because I had, a couple of years ago, gone to send off a few friends when they were on their way to the first RM. Whether I would be able to attend RM 05 at all was in limbo till the last minute due to issues at the office. Another factor that didn’t make me all that enthusiastic was the fact that RM would be held this year at a place called Panvel about 60kms from Mumbai. Argh! Why not Goa! Continue reading “Rider Mania 2005”

Deepavali getaway and more running in

The week before Deepawali saw me out of Bangalore  on a weeklong solo trip into various places in north Karnataka. The Thunderbird had run about 600kms and had the first service the day I headed out of Bangalore. It was still running in, so it was obvious that this was going to be a relaxed ride.

The ride was mainly concentrated in and around the Uttara Kannada district as it has my dad’s hometown, Chipageri and I have a lot of relatives whom I’d not met in a long time. The total distance covered was about 1300kms. Continue reading “Deepavali getaway and more running in”

In the mountains

This story is especially for those of you who had written in after reading the Himalayan Ride story of the RD boys from Bangalore and loved it. Some of you had expressed the desire to read more such stories direct from the riders mout..I mean pen… I mean keyboard. Go on and read about the ride in the Himalayas by a few of the Bangalore riders. They all are a part of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club (RTMC) and the write up is by Prashanth, a prolific tourer on his 1969 Royal Enfield Bullet 350. (Aarrgh! Where is that bullet I’ve been promising myself for so long!! Sigh!) Continue reading “In the mountains”

2-stroking in the Himalayas

The Himalayas are undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and impressive ranges in the world and home to the highest motor-able road. Period.

Our boys from Bangalore, Adrian, Dinesh, Madhu and Santosh, went riding up in what is obviously our favorite bike now, the Yamaha RD350. All are based in Bangalore and took a month long break from all their other commitments and went off on a very important chore, i.e. spreading some good blue smoke to keep the blue waters of the Pangong lake company. And did they do an excellent job of that or what!! They went up all the way to the Nubra Valley, Khardungla, Pangong Tso and many more such place.

Going a little back, the brat pack was to have at least two more bikes with Sanju and myself joining the above four guys. But due to reasons unmentionable we decided not to go and opted out. The most amazing thing about the whole thing was the fact that they did the whole journey with out a single mechanical failure. The only impediment to the whole tour was a single puncture. That’s amazing and hats off to the guys for preparing the bikes so neatly and nurturing the bikes through the journey whilst having their fun. Just one more thing, dont miss the snaps, there’re about 300 of the best in it.

Ok! I’ll shut up now and let Adrian take over from here. First hand news is always more reliable. 😉 Continue reading “2-stroking in the Himalayas”