Saddlebag stay for Himalayan – Full Review

Best Saddlebag stay for Himalayan

Initially, when I bought the saddlebag stay for Himalayan from Donowyn, I was pretty happy with the setup. We were headed out for a 10-day trip in South India. I had promised to write a full review once I was back covering the performance, pros and cons. Now is the time for that. But, wait! If you have not read part 1 in this series where I cover the purchase, installation, size comparisons, etc. head over to Royal Enfield Himalayan Saddle Bag Stay story and read that first.

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Kolavara Heritage – RTMC Photoblog

The clouds, the rain and the slush. What a beautiful weather. Maybe to sit at home and eat pakodas with chai, not to head out to Kolavara Heritage Homestay. Who am I kidding, it was a fun ride to a wet Kolavara Heritage, nestled at the base of the Western Ghats in a rainy Thirthahalli Taluk in  Shimoga District. What follows are some of the pictures from the trip. Continue reading “Kolavara Heritage – RTMC Photoblog”

Goan Thruxton diary – Cafe racer touring

Goan Thruxton diary

3 day weekends are rare and having a Goan Thruxton ride is rarer. This Triumph Thruxton was with me for a while and I had not really taken it out. Just one trip when I went out to donate blood. So, for the Republic Day weekend in 2015, Kavitha and I decided to head out.

Goa Thruxton Loaded
Loaded, while the REs sit back and watch.

Thanks to Prashanth for letting us use this beautiful motorcycle for this ride.

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The Big 2009 Ride: Day 9 – Baroda to Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Kavitha at Kavitha

This day was all about riding across the rest of Gujarat, from Baroda to Dadra. Last night she had not let me head back to the largest dandiya in the world and I was miffed! But then, a good session of Counter Strike(?) with some of the local kids had been fun and a good stress reliever while Kavitha slept off. To each her (or his) own, I guess.

Narmada (Baroda to Dadra)
Crossing the Narmada

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