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Saddlebag stay for Himalayan – Full Review

Initially, when I bought the saddlebag stay for Himalayan from Donowyn, I was pretty happy with the setup. We were headed out for a 10-day trip in South India. I had promised to write a full review once I was back covering the performance, pros and cons. Now is the time for that. But, wait! If you have not read part 1 in this series where I cover the purchase, installation, size comparisons, etc. head over to Royal Enfield Himalayan Saddle Bag Stay story and read that first. Continue reading Saddlebag stay for Himalayan – Full Review

Royal Enfield Himalayan Saddle Bag Stay

Most of our one day or weekend rides require little regarding luggage space. But, for an upcoming trip, it became evident that I would need a Himalayan saddle bag stay to figure out a way to load saddle bags onto the bike without fouling with the either the silencer or the rear wheel. I could either buy an existing one or build one from scratch.

This post is part 1 of 2 where I cover:

  • purchase
  • alteration
  • installation
  • size comparison

Once I am back from the tour, I will publish part 2 of 2 with real world usage data based on how the saddlebag stays for the Himalayan performed.

Continue reading Royal Enfield Himalayan Saddle Bag Stay

Kolavara Heritage – RTMC Photoblog

The clouds, the rain and the slush. What a beautiful weather. Maybe to sit at home and eat pakodas with chai, not to head out to Kolavara Heritage Homestay. Who am I kidding, it was a fun ride to a wet Kolavara Heritage, nestled at the base of the Western Ghats in a rainy Thirthahalli Taluk in  Shimoga District. What follows are some of the pictures from the trip. Continue reading Kolavara Heritage – RTMC Photoblog

DSLR tank bag review: ViaTerra Fly Universal

On a whim, I picked up a ViaTerra DSLR tank bag to see how it would be after using two trusty old Cramster Turtles over time. Cramster Turtle was on its last legs, and I needed a DSLR tank bag to replace it. If you need more or accurate information, leave a comment at the bottom, I will update this. Continue reading DSLR tank bag review: ViaTerra Fly Universal

Royal Enfield Bobber – ThunderDuck v5

ThunderDuck v5 was to transform to into a Royal Enfield Bobber. This motorcycle started off as a stock Royal Enfield ThunderBird, about 12 years ago.  I have wanted to make one of these for a while now. ThunderDuck had been lying idle at home for about 18 months. It had to go away or become something else that I could build as a project. Continue reading Royal Enfield Bobber – ThunderDuck v5