2014 Dakar motorcycle preparation videos

Dakar Motorcycle Preparation

This page has a collection of Dakar motorcycle preparation videos. See the different teams and the manner in which they have prepared for the “journey” across South America. The scale of logistics required for an event like this to race day after day, with very few rest days, is huge. But, given that external support is not allowed, the motorcycles that participate in the Dakar Rally need to be prepared to the highest levels.

The Dakar Rally starts on 5 Jan, 2014.

Dakar Motorcycle Preparation

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2013 Suzuka 8 hours race videos

I have always been a fan of endurance racing, be it on 2 wheels or 4. Its one of the purest forms of racing where the rider needs to keep at it for hours at an end to come out on top. And, Suzuka! What a magical track! Even if you’ve only raced Suzuka in a video game, there is no way to not like it. So, this is a post to gatherĀ 2013 Suzuka 8 hours race videos into one place. Language no bar!


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