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Royal Enfield Himalayan 5000km Review

Having bought the Royal Enfield Himalayan earlier in 2016, I am now writing the 2nd instalment in the long term ownership series. This post is the Royal Enfield Himalayan 5000km review which covers service recalls, quality, mods and general thoughts around how this motorcycle has fared for me over the last few months. I finished 5k mid-August 2016, about three months after having bought it. If you do not have time and want to read the Royal Enfield Himalayan 5000km review in short with my recommendation, skip directly to the end of this post.  What feedback do you have for me? Feel free to leave a comment. Continue reading Royal Enfield Himalayan 5000km Review

Stormtrooper – The first 500km

Stormtrooper, May the 4th be with you.

Alright, Stormtrooper, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is home. It has been home for a while now. 535kms to be exact. These are my initial impressions and modifications to it. More from a fricking practicality point of view. Daily use report. Do not expect to see lifestyle photos, like the kind where people go 5 feet off the main road to make it seem like they’ve been riding dirt all day. If you’re looking for that, leave. Now.

Thanks to the Star Wars site.
Thanks to the Star Wars site.

Continue reading Stormtrooper – The first 500km

Winter is coming, dear Snow

Dear Snow, winter is coming.

But, before that happens, bhery bhery bhelcome. u plis cum in2 d garage bhery soon. I know, I know, winter is coming is really scraping the bottom. But that’s how I feel with the current motorcycle. Though it does what it is supposed to, 2 years is about as long as it took to look for something better(?) or maybe just newer. Continue reading Winter is coming, dear Snow

Royal Enfield Bobber – ThunderDuck v5

ThunderDuck v5 was to transform to into a Royal Enfield Bobber. This motorcycle started off as a stock Royal Enfield ThunderBird, about 12 years ago.  I have wanted to make one of these for a while now. ThunderDuck had been lying idle at home for about 18 months. It had to go away or become something else that I could build as a project. Continue reading Royal Enfield Bobber – ThunderDuck v5