Coocase v50 Big top box review

Reviewing the CooCase v50 after a while of using it and things you may need to know if you are interested in getting one.

My office was moving to a new location meant that Kavitha and I could commute together. Which also meant that I needed to come up with a solution to get there more comfortably. The biggest issue with commuting two up comfortably is the bags. Our bags are typical office bags, containing laptops, accessories, lunch and maybe some other things unique to each of us. Enter the search for the best top box I could get.

Coocase v50 box lit up under braking
Looks just as bright outdoors.

Coocase v50 Price?

Let us get this out of the way so that we can concentrate on what’s relevant. This top box is a priced just under 10,000 Rupees. There is a cheaper version of this, without the remote features, but you will read about it if you last through the write-up. If you’re comparing with boxes like Hepco Becker or something like that, it is not in the same league. Both concerning quality and pricing.

Why get a motorcycle top box?

Coocase v50 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

It is nice to get a top box so that you can:

  • Put the office bags in the boxes while the two of you are riding.
  • Put both the helmets and other riding gear into it when you’re at work. Unless you want to strut around an office in motorcycle gear like you’re God’s gift to motorcycling.
  • You can keep some extra stuff like rain gear or a small set of tools in it for quick access.

Obviously, I am writing from a two-up point of view, because top boxes are more relevant in this case. This lets you commute in peace knowing that:

  1. Firstly, your pillion is comfortable and not having to carry both bags or some other circus stunt.
  2. Secondly, you get to ride comfortably. Especially when its hot carrying a backpack can leave ugly sweat induced wetness.
  3. When it rains, the bags with the laptop etc are safe and dry.

What’s in the Coocase v50 box?


This version of the top box comes with:

  • Box
  • Base plate
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Couple of keys
  • Remote control
  • Relatively useless documentation manual.

Motorcycle top case mounting

The top case will need to be mounted onto the motorcycle onto a back rack. If your motorcycle does not come with one from the factory, you’ll need to get one made. I had the back rack on HotFix (Bullet 500), the same one that I had on the ThunderDuck (Thunderbird AVL 350) earlier. So, I just got the base plate fixed onto that directly and only got the wiring done.


Why wiring? This version of Coocase has:

  • LED strips running down the sides that can be connected to your tail light or brake light circuits.
  • a remote to let you lock unlock the top lid AND latch lock onto the base unit.

Coocase v50 – On the bike

Coocase v50 mounted on the motorcycle

The overall length of the bike has increased once the box is on. Its a good thing that the box has lights, which let people judge the length quite well. Especially when they are approaching from the sides. I have attached the lights to the brake lights.  It is not the best looking solution, but it is very effective.


From the back however, its not wider than the Bullet 500’s handlebar. Which makes riding with the box ok. I do not have to worry about the clearances too much. The best part is that there are two full face LS2 helmets in there along with some other stuff. Neatly hidden out of view.


Space is one thing you cannot really crib about in this. It has plenty of that. And once completely filled out it feels pretty solid too. 20160406-CooCase-03-1

The interior space is a little eaten into (understandably) by the locking and remote mechanism.  Not too much and its the case with most top boxes with an integrated locking and remote mechanism anyways.


That is all for now. If you want me to add something or have feedback on this, feel free to leave a comment.

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