Motorcycle rental in Bangalore

There are more reasons than one to get a motorcycle on rent. Especially when the cost of the motorcycles is more than a certain percentage of your annual income. Lets try to see the logic in renting and then a company that rents out at very effective prices.

KTM Duke on gravel roads
KTM Duke on gravel roads


Top 5 Reasons – Rent a Motorcycle

Try, before you buy

One of the best reasons to rent a motorcycle, is to try it out before you put down the money. With motorcycle models coming out often and the Indian way of owning a motorcycle is to keep it long-term. You do not want to get stuck with a motorcycle that you do not like after about 100 kms on the road. The shop gives you a test ride, but those 3-4 km is usually not enough to swing your mind, either ways. This is my main reason to rent. This ride was on a KTM 200 on rent.

My mate’s in town…

If you have a friend who’s coming into town, and you want to head out riding to show them the beautiful places around your hometown, again renting is a great idea. I haven’t met many riders who like to sit pillion if they plan a motorcycle trip.

I’m heading out there

In the same way, if you are heading to another city within or out side of India, you would find renting is a great idea. Motorcycles give you the freedom that you just do not get from cars and make it easy for you to explore. You need not be stuck in a taxi and can make the most of the time that you have. Also, parking is always easier and cheaper with a motorcycle.

Variety is the spice of life

There are times when you have a great motorcycle but want to sample other motorcycles. For example, I have a Royal Enfield but if I’m heading out alone I could do just fine with a smaller but quicker moto like a KTM 200. Or,if I just want to burn some rubber up on the highway for a breakfast run with the boys. Some variety never hurt anyone.

Track Days

Track days are great to build riding skill and there are companies out there that run track days. Its possible to rent track ready motorcycles, taking away the problems of investing in a motorcycle, transporting it to (and from) the track and related maintenance headaches. While we wait for motorcycles like the KTM RC 390 to be available for rent, you can always pray.

Photographer: Campelli M.
Photographer: Campelli M.


And a Bonus 6th reason before I jump to a recommendation…

Cannot justify garage space

This is the one that most motorcyclists dread. The day they have to sell their faithful steed for some cage due to family pressure. Nothing wrong with that, life is all about change. Everyone moves on to other things even if temporarily. For those few chances you may get while in this mode can be fulfilled by a well maintained rental motorcycle.

Who do I recommend?

Photos that you see on this page are from the cockpit of a rental from Indimotard and the details are after the image. To read about the fun I had on a rented KTM Duke 200, click on the link.


Indimotard Motorcycle Rental in Bangalore

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We provide Royal Enfield Machismo & Classic 500, KTM Duke 200 & Hero Impulse.

Motorcycle Rentals in Bangalore
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Motorcycle Rentals in Bangalore
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