A brief history of RD 350s around the world

Any 2 stroke fan around the world would have heard of and know something about the history of RD 350. This is because from a period of more than 10 years RDs were sold in different forms.

Some of the early RDs were air-cooled models that were available from 1973 onwards. The early RDs were such a hit that the company produced many models and eventually the RDs Continue reading A brief history of RD 350s around the world

Racing flags. And what they mean.

Racing flags are used in racing send out messages to the riders by marshals and other officials at their respective positions. All participants are expected to follow the rules which state that the riders immediately obey the flag signals. Failure in doing so may lead to casuality by putting themselves and others into grave danger or disqualification from a race.’, ‘



{mosimage} (Waved) – Great danger – Be prepared to stop.


(Motionless) – Take care – Signal of danger. No overtaking


A green flag is shown when the course is clear or at a start or restart of a race.


Overtaking flag – The competitor ahead is about to be overtaken by a person who is a lap ahead


Service car or slow moving vehicle on the circuit. Usually an ambulance or a recovery vehicle.


Stopping of race, qualifying or practice session.


Track surface slippery. Probably oil from a machine that’s  failed or sand.


A warning of apparent mechanical failure or fire* and is displayed to a particular participant.


Race leader must slow down, everyone else to line up in order behind. No overtaking


A warning to the driver that his behavior is suspect*


Driver must stop at his pit within one lap. A penalty of exclusion may be enforced*


End of session. By session it may be race, qualifying or practice


* – Displayed with a white number.

‘, 1, 5, 0, 69, ‘2000-05-30 13:30:27’, 62, ‘Abhi’, ‘2007-07-02 11:54:15’, 62, 0, ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’, ‘2000-05-30 13:26:09’, ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’, ‘2000/racing-flags/racing-yellow_flag.gif|center|Waving Yellow flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-yellow_flag-waving.gif|center|Motionless Yellow flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-green_flag.gif|center|Green flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-blue_flag.gif|center|Blue flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-white_flag.jpg|center|White flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-red_flag.gif|center|Red flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-red_and_yellow_flag.gif|center|Red and Yellow flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-black_orange_circle_flag.gif|center|Black and Orange flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-yellow_and_black_flag.gif|center|Black and Yellow flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-black_and_white_flag.jpg|center|Black and White flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-black_flag.jpg|center|Black Flag|0||bottom||\r\n2000/racing-flags/racing-checkered_flag.jpg|center|Chequered flag or Checkered flag|0||bottom||

Irungattukottai Race Track, MMSC, Chennai

Madras Motor Spors Club with its history of over 50 years is the reason that Chennai can be called the epicentre of motor racing in India. (MMSC Official site link)

For a racing enthusiast, there is nothing to beat the smell of burnt rubber and the sound of screaming engines… and what better place than the Irungattukottai Race Track near Sriperumbudur to catch the racing excitement.

Track specifications:

  • Length Full track: 3.74 kms (12 curves/turns)
  • Short ( Club) track: 2.1 kms (7 curves/turns)
  • Width: 11 metres, 12 metres at start line
  • Direction: Clockwise
  • First race: 1990
  • Fully resurfaced: 2007
  • Cars upto F3 and all bikes allowed.


You can get to the race track pretty easily. Just get onto the Bangalore-Chennai highway heading out of Chennai. Before you reach Sriperumbudur, you will cross the race track, to your right. Bang opposite to the race track is the massive Hyundai car factory. Its approximately 30kms out of Chennai. If you are trying to reach the track from Bangalore, just cross Sriperumbudur and look for the Hyundai factory.

Which ever direction you are coming from, remember that it is a 6 lane road you’re on. Drive safe.