Ghat Bang: Locked throttle and two smoking barrels

Ghat bang, a name to a ride which was meant to wind through the twisties in the Nilgiris. The plan was to ride to Masinagudi the first day, chill out for the night around a camp fire and then ride through the twisties taking the route through the steep Kalhatti ghat, Ooty, Kotagiri, down and through Sathyamangalam, up Dhimbam, through the forest to Kollegal, Kanakpura and Bangalore. Continue reading “Ghat Bang: Locked throttle and two smoking barrels”

The fabrication of a café racer – ThunderDUCK!

It all started off one day when I decided that I wanted to build a café racer kit on the Thunderbird. I had planned on the direction I would be taking with this project and finalized (at least in my mind) as to how the bike would finally look. This project took a step towards reality when over a session of beer and mindless doodling on Scottish Pub’s tissue paper; Prashanth told me that he had a café racer tank with him. Continue reading “The fabrication of a café racer – ThunderDUCK!”