2014 Dakar motorcycle preparation videos

Dakar Motorcycle Preparation

This page has a collection of Dakar motorcycle preparation videos. See the different teams and the manner in which they have prepared for the “journey” across South America. The scale of logistics required for an event like this to race day after day, with very few rest days, is huge. But, given that external support is not allowed, the motorcycles that participate in the Dakar Rally need to be prepared to the highest levels.

The Dakar Rally starts on 5 Jan, 2014.

Dakar Motorcycle Preparation

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Ducati India? Soon.

Ducati has been in India before,  without much success. Their latest news release says that they intend to come back to India officially with new partners. Don’t hold your breath for Ducati India though, it will not be cheap or affordable, like most expect any incoming manufacturer these days. Since the do not produce them here, there will not be any financial advantage to the brand. And, given that most Ducatis are more expensive than their traditional Japanese counterparts, expect to see prices over 10 lakhs for the more desirable of the lot. The smaller Monsters may be priced under 10 lakh though.

No idea about the dates though.


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BOBMC Rider Mania 2014

Time to say “Vanakkam” to Rider Mania 2014

This is an event no bullet rider should miss, ever! Rider Mania 2014 will be the biggest and largest gathering of Royal Enfields and Enfield riders in the world. Members of more than 70 biker clubs and individual bikers from all parts of India and abroad will ride to Chennai to celebrate the brotherhood and spirit of motorcycling.

The 2014 BOBMC Rider Mania is expected to witness a gathering of over 1200 avid Royal Enfield enthusiasts from all over the country with 800 confirmations already in place.

BOBMC Rider Mania

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