RTMC 12A Event Report

Rolling Thunder’s 12th anniversary was held near Bagalkot at Kanthi Resorts. We missed meeting the pack at the start point having slept through the alarm. Luckily I had a backup plan in place. My alarm which was meant to be the get out of home alarm! We got ready as quickly as we could and headed towards the first regroup point which was also breakfast point about 100 km from home. Once we caught up we rode with the pack most of the way. We fell behind in places when we stopped to make pictures (like the one above) and caught up at regular intervals.

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Off the internet; riding for a bit.

We’re heading off on the highway, riding for a bit on the motorcycle. Will be riding with Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club for the 12th anniversary meet. So, I am not sure if we’ll be updating our blog for a couple of days.

However, I hope to come back worth some good photos and report next week. In other news before I head off, I got my first android device, after years with an iPhone. Will see if I can update on the road like this post. This happens to be my first complete post from a mobile phone.

We’ll be in the general Hubli area. So if you’re in the vicinity give me a buzz from the contact us page.

Be good till then and rubber side down!