Enfield Explorers chasing Anchetty

Picking this up from after the return from Kerala (on our Big 2013 ride), you may remember that the motorcycle had a terrible problem. One that caused it to not cross 3,000 RPM and had forced me to ride under that, while being fully loaded. It was the death of my 29mm CV Carb’s diaphragm, which meant I got a new carb. Which also meant, back road solo rides to test it. Testing with the Enfield Explorers chasing Anchetty which had been elusive to the group for more than one reason.

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First Sunday Ride: Bagepalli-Chelur-Chintamani

It was time for yet another First Sunday Ride and this time the route was decided to be towards Bagepalli, north of Bangalore, towards the Andra Pradesh border. Solid start for the new year with 19 people turning up! The meeting point as usual at 06.30am, at the top of Mekhri Circle and we got there in time to see a few of the regulars and a few new members already there. At the time, neither did the fog nor did the weather seem too big an issue. But, how that changed once we headed out on Bellary road! Continue reading “First Sunday Ride: Bagepalli-Chelur-Chintamani”