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9 Photos – Yamaha RD 350 Drag Bike

Amongst the winning-est motorcycles on the drag circuit in India is this Yamaha RD 350 from DAM motors in Bangalore. The huge horde of trophies that Dirty Yellow (yup, that’s its name) has won over the years is a testament to the commitment behind it. Lets take a closer look at what makes this a terror when the lights go green.

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Autocar Speed Run 2007, Mumbai

Speed Run 2007 was held in Navi Mumbai on a closed off public road in Kharghar. The event was spread out over 2 days and open to 2 wheelers and 4. Though arrangements at the event had a lot of people unhappy, the sun baked participants and spectators had their share of fun at the event. Most of the big bikes and the big cars of Mumbai and other places were around. Continue reading Autocar Speed Run 2007, Mumbai

Speed Run 2006, Bangalore

Jakkur Airstrip, Bangalore
Feb 22 – 23, 2006

Speed Run 2006 was held at Jakkur. This event saw a number of amateurs bringing in their machines from other cities to participate. Whatever their results, this surely is a good sign that motorsport still stands a chance in the hazy world of politics and cheating.

And sorry guys, no RD snaps here… I have taken a few more snaps with another camera… Will upload as soon as I get them.

Snaps taken down temporarily. Please check back later. 

“Base Drag Meet” at the Jakkur Air strip

Taking the cue from the previous meet, the organisers this time decided to stick with the airstrip to host this particular meet. This is the best venue in Bangalore taking into all factors like accessibililty and crowd control ease.

The event is being organised at Jakkur Air strip, after Mekhri circle on the road leading to Yelahanka on 15th of June, 2003 starting at 0900. Continue reading “Base Drag Meet” at the Jakkur Air strip