2003 K1000

The K1000 is one of the important fixtures on the rally calendar. The event has been flagged off from the YMCA grounds today (16th August 03) and the SS’s start tomorrow at 0700 at Bagepalli. Bagepalli is on the Bangalore-Bellary road some 100kms from Bangalore. Pics and report ahead! Continue reading “2003 K1000”

Drag meet at Sarjapur, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

Drag meet at Sarjapur, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore’, ‘Drag meet at Sarjapur, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore’, ‘This Sunday its again Drag racing time in Bangalore. Organised by the ‘Extreme Machines Racing Club’ the drag meet has been called as ‘Drag Race 2003’. Being the first event of the new year, the turnout is expected to be better than normal.

The event is being organised at Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, connecting Hosur Road and Airport Road on the 12th of January 2003 starting at 0800. Continue reading “Drag meet at Sarjapur, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore”

A kickass session at the local 6 lane highway

The 6-lane highway stretch on the way to Nandi Hills as the venue for this weekend’s meet.

What we planned to do was a small drag meet among the Bangalore club guys and a few other friends to see where we stood and what the best times were. Among others who joined us were some local mechanics on their heavily ported RX(G)135 that were built for the drag strip and a few others with their imported 1000cc Yamaha supersport bikes. Continue reading “A kickass session at the local 6 lane highway”

’twas Drag Racin’ time again.

A high profile drag meet had been organised for this Sunday at the Outer Ring Road, in between Old Madras Road and Airport Road.

This event marked the start of many more drag meets that were conducted later on in the year. This event basically showed the interest in motorsport among the youth in Bangalore.

The turnout was pretty good with almost 50 two and four wheelers taking part in the event.