The Big 2009 Ride: Day 7 – Udaipur

The hotel that we had booked in Udaipur had claimed a view of lake Picchola – it indeed was a view of the lake, but mossy green far end of it – con job of a place! The consolation was that the rooms were nice and clean, the parking was safe for the bike and we would be spending the whole day out anyway.  We decided to stay.

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The Big 2009 Ride – Day 2: Bikaner to Jaisalmer

Uncle read out to us from the local paper that the temperature on the previous day touched 43C! This was supposedly way high, this being the end of September. Seemed like we had some good hot ride ahead since we were heading deeper into the Thar desert. Sipped some tea, took some snaps and we headed out of Jaswanth Bhavan with good wishes from Uncle and Aunty for the journey from Bikaner to Jaisalmer ahead. This is how day 2 started.

Our hosts - Jaswant Bhavan

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The Big 2009 Ride – Day 1: Delhi to Bikaner

Got up quite early since we couldn’t sleep much anyway and geared up.  Even at 5 AM in the morning, it was quite warm.  We woke up Sachi Uncle, who came down to the parking with us to bid us good bye.  We loaded the bike, confirmed with uncle about the directions that we had to take to get onto the Jaipur road, and headed out from Delhi to Bikaner.

And, the ride had begun!

Load gaadis!

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