Life after riding 10000km on a Himalayan – Long Term Ownership Update

10000km on a Himalayan

Now that I have finished riding 10000km on a Himalayan, it is time to look at the pros and cons of owning this motorcycle. What Royal Enfield has been up to, to fix the mega-debacle that the Himalayan has been for a large part of its first year of existence. The motorcycle has let me down a few times, but overall 2016 has turned out to be one the better riding years in terms of riding days.  Under all the luggage in the image above is a Himalayan. So, that is good.  Read the 5k on the Himalayan review, before reading this.

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Hero Impulse Review – First look

Doing the Hero Impulse review, my first thoughts, since I took a good look today. There has been a great offer going on with some dealers wanting to offload some stock. Discounts have been varying from 10000-20000 based on your bargaining powers. Also syncing up with others to do a group buy has been the reason for some of the better discounts. I check out a friend’s motorcycle and it had been purchased in a neighboring state and along with a good deal, had costed way lesser than the Karnataka price for it.

Hero Impulse Green
Pic: Neet

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