Oxtar TCS Sport Boots – Long term review

Having used the Oxtar TCS Sport Boots for about 8 years now, I think its time to retire them. And, review them, before I send them away. In this case, long term review has been redefined, since you’ll see as you go further that I’ve used the boot till it, literally, fell apart.

I ordered this boot in November 2005 from MotorcycleGear.com. (If you have not seen that post I created long back when I got the Oxtar TCS boots, I would suggest that you read that first and then come back to this.) It was carried back for me by a good friend, and I still remember the pleasure of finally owning a pair of motorcycling boots. It had never been a priority till then. Before I let them go, I would like to review how the boots worked for me over the last few years. Bought primarily for racing, this boot has been with me on amazing journeys both on and off the road.

Oxtar TCS Sport Boots Review

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Oxtar TCS Race boot

I had an opportunity to try out an Oxtar TCS once and that convinced me to buy this Oxtar TCS Race boot. It is basically the same model, but with the Gore-Tex liner to make it completely waterproof. The boot is breathable due to a material called Airtex which allows the feet to remain relatively cool. You won’t feel like you have to jump out of them every time you stop riding. To help that, it has a couple of air inlets too.

Oxtar TCS Boots Image

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