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BOBMC RiderMania 2016 – Reaching Nagpur

Day 2 of riding to BOBMC RiderMania, we started out from near the outskirts of Hyderabad. Which also meant having to cross Hyderabad in traffic. It was a beautiful sunrise this morning, and everyone needed to make good time to reach Nagpur. Over 600 kilometres to cover. Continue reading BOBMC RiderMania 2016 – Reaching Nagpur

BOBMC RiderMania 2016 – Leaving rains behind

Riding to BOBMC RiderMania 2016, the largest congregation of Royal Enfield clubs in India. And, I’m riding solo on my new version of ThunderDuck (opens in a new window).  On the back is a dry-bag and on the tank is a Via Terra tank bag.

Heading to BOBMC RiderMania 2016
What I should have left on the fridge door before running off

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Making of Matte Black ThunderDuck

At some point before the Himalayan journey, I felt ThunderDuck needed a facelift. Since I was not sure about how the bike would survive the trip, I put it off till after the trip. I have wanted to make a matte black motorcycle for a while. So, what eventually came off that idea is this Matte Black ThunderDuck.

matte black ThunderDuck - name
Custom lettering.

What follows is a list of the treatments the parts got and pictures that I have picked out from my Instagram feed.

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New 46 – HotFix

Its been close to ten years of riding the ThunderDuck. Well here is the replacement for this motorcycle, a new Bullet 500.

As the only travel motorcycle over this period, ThunderDuck has served pretty well. Its been with us on some amazing experiences and has had its ups and downs. After lusting, waiting, justifying, looking longingly at my bank balance… I came to the decision that to travel and experience India two-up comfortably and fully loaded, nothing really beats a Royal Enfield, to this day. At least, from a value for money point of view.

The two 46 numbered Royal Enfields Continue reading New 46 – HotFix