9 Photos of Yamaha T7 Concept

The Yamaha T7 Concept is for everyone who likes touring off the boring 4-lane highways has dreamt of having a machine that they can take off the tarmac more confidently. And if you were young and impressionable in the 80s and 90s, the words Africa Twin and Tenere would be etched in your minds. This concept is a tribute to the original Tenere XT600Z’s spirit. Enjoy the pictures and the bonus video at the end. Continue reading “9 Photos of Yamaha T7 Concept”

2012 Super Tenere Adventure XT900Z Concept

This is an personal concept study of a 900 Super Tenere Adventure by Nicolas Vontobel. It is based on his 2010 Super Tenere concept studies.

The upper side-covers are redesigned with a bigger air intake and it has now a larger 33 Litre fuel tank. The bike is stronger than the XT660Z and the F800GS but still capable for off-road sessions anywhere.

Translating from German,  he says that the Super Tenere Adventure XT900Z (ADV) closes the gap between the XT660Z and XT1200Z. This is a motorcycle that is designed for long trips. Stronger (powerful) than the 660 and more agile than the 1200s. This version has an additional air inlet in comparison to the normal XT900Z.

Note that this is his personal work and not an official concept by Yamaha.

Super Tenere Adventure XT900z video

This video is a great reminder of how fantastic the Teneres were in the older Dakar era. And, the shot of the Tenere sliding through the dirt as it comes off the bridge towards the end of the video, makes it worth it!

You can get more information on this from nicidesign page. Its all in German, and I knew taking that basic German course had to have some use!