TVS Racing school for beginners

It is proposed to start a racing school for beginners at the MMST Track , supported by TVS Motor Company Limited and organized by Madras Motor Sports Club. How many of you would be interested?

Features of the Racing School

  1. The scheme is to train fresh riders who wish to join bike racing. There will be a theory session which will instruct the riders on basic track rules and practical sessions with bikes being made available by TVS Motor Company Ltd.
  2. The instructor is Mr.Preetam Dev Moses, a National riding champion and a member of Team TVS Racing.
  3. Participants will be minimum 10; maximum 20 per school, and many dates will be declared, enabling riders to choose the dates. Initially, the dates are June 17, July 1 and 15, 2007
  4. Certificates will be issued by MMSC.
  5. It is proposed to charge Rs. 1000/=, which will be towards cost of fuel and food (Rs.500) , use of Track, half day (Rs. 200) and to the instructor (Rs.300).
  6. From 2008, it is proposed that anyone seeking a bike under the TVS Race a Bike scheme, should have undergone this schooling session.
  7. It is proposed to conduct the school from Saturday afternoon to Sunday lunch time.

Will post up as we get more information.

This is something that even I plan to attend, because there is always something you can learn and improve during these sessions. Learning is a never ending process.

Update: I did attend this, along with Killer. Will post something on this at a later point in time.