UM Motorcycles – Who are they?!

United Motors International, US based innovative motorcycle brand is set to enter India with UM Motorcycles at this year’s Auto Expo in Delhi. They have formed a company named UM India Two Wheelers Private Limited. The company will exhibit a few of their latest state-of-art products at the Auto Expo to gauge consumer’s reaction. That will help them formulate their launch strategy.

The better looking side of the motorcycle. Don’t get me started on the silencer design.

UM Motorcycles to debut into Indian market

UM Motorcycles plans to launch products in the range of 200-280cc segment loaded with unique features at a practical and competitive offering. The company aims to position itself towards a premium segment in the commuter bike market – which means that the motorcycles may be in the higher end of the range for motorcycles this size.

All of the motorcycles from this brand are single cylinder. But, what really appeals is the dual sport they have on their website. India is a nation of potholes and having ridden the Hero Honda Impulse extensively, I cannot wait for more entrants into that section of the market.  So, all of you headed to Auto Expo, drop into their area and give the Dual Sport some TLC.

Currently, the company is looking for suitable local assembly and distribution partners. Most announcements are expected by end of this financial year and products are expected to be available around the the third quarter of 2014. The motorcycles from what can be found on the net would be premium commuters more than travel motorcycles. Of course, I would be happy to be wrong.


Mr. Rajeev Mishra, Managing Director, UM India, adds, “Our Company is in the process of establishing a strong R&D centre to support the Indian partner and to provide Engineering and Technical support to produce quality product suited to Indian middle class consumers. We hope the response from the Indian markets is equally overwhelming as the rest of the countries.”

So who are they?

UM® (United Motors) is a motorcycle brand born in the U.S.A. They are designed in the U.S and are distributed in over 20 different countries ranging from Latin America, Africa and Asia. UM International LLC is the Parent Company of UM® Motorcycles and has become a multinational organization incorporating R&D, design, sales, marketing and after-sale service for the UM® Brand. It is headquartered in Miami, FL, USA.