One Ride 2017 – Royal Enfield’s Event details

Royal Enfield One Ride 2017 will turn out to be the seventh edition of Royal Enfield’s global marquee ride. The ride is being held in 14 countries and across 23 cities. This ride claimed to be one of the largest motorcycle community rides in the world happens on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017. The camaraderie of thousands of Royal Enfield customers and enthusiasts will come out alive on the roads as they gear up to participate in One Ride along with their friends. Continue reading “One Ride 2017 – Royal Enfield’s Event details”

Stormtrooper – The first 500km

Stormtrooper, May the 4th be with you.

Alright, Stormtrooper, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is home. It has been home for a while now. 535kms to be exact. These are my initial impressions and modifications to it. More from a fricking practicality point of view. Daily use report. Do not expect to see lifestyle photos, like the kind where people go 5 feet off the main road to make it seem like they’ve been riding dirt all day. If you’re looking for that, leave. Now.

Thanks to the Star Wars site.
Thanks to the Star Wars site.

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Review of Royal Enfield Himalayan (Pre-ride)

Review of Royal Enfield Himalayan

These are my first thoughts review of Royal Enfield Himalayan. Pre-ride of course. Photos and videos included. Go here for my initial thoughts and Specifications of Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Pre-ride review of Royal Enfield Himalayan
Looks good from above.

Adventure touring in India has never needed (not wanted) high-end dual sports motorcycles. People who have actually toured properly, know that most times it is easier on a simpler vehicle that attracts lesser attention. Which is why Royal Enfield is pretty much the goto motorcycle for this. Decent torque, common enough, cheap enough. Now, RE is headed to the small dual-sport route with their Himalayan. What do I think? Continue reading “Review of Royal Enfield Himalayan (Pre-ride)”