BOBMC RiderMania 2016 – Reaching Nagpur

Day 2 of riding to BOBMC RiderMania, we started out from near the outskirts of Hyderabad. Which also meant having to cross Hyderabad in traffic. It was a beautiful sunrise this morning, and everyone needed to make good timeĀ to reach Nagpur. Over 600 kilometres to cover.

Sunrise on the way to BOBMC RiderMania
Sunrise on Day 2

A short distance later, my motorcycle just spluttered and died. Within about 20 kilometres of leaving the hotel for the night. Luckily Nawaz was riding behind, and we had to disconnect the electricals and make it direct. An old trick for the AVL 350s which run CDIs, but still very useful. It also meant that for the rest of the journey would be without lights or horn. And, that included that lovely LED taillight too.

My BOBMC RiderMania saved by Nawaz
Nawaz who saved the ride for me in the morning

After the fix, it turned out to be just 4 motorcycles who were now behind the larger group. A couple of AVLs and a couple of UCE motorcycles. We stopped for a sad breakfast on the ring road of Hyderabad. It is a really boring highway, the one to Nagpur. Just straight stretches of mostly nothing.

We finally caught up with the group nearing lunch time, somewhere before Nirmal. It was good to proceed from there to lunch and some fixes on one of the bikes which had a key jump out.

Soon, it was getting dark, and the roads beyond Adilabad were of questionable quality. I had no lights and so tried to make as much time as possible. Finally stopped at a chai stop and rode in the headlights of the group. In between, we caught about a 100 of the Wanderers from Hyderabad who was riding with all the LED available in the market, mounted on their motorcycles. Which was good for me, and I rode their wave for a bit.

It was late by now and we had reached the outskirts of Nagpur. The group split up a little based on available accommodation. Tomorrow we would head to BoBMC RiderMania – Full Power by the WanderLust.

BOBMC RiderMania - RTMC at Nagpur
Goodnight from Nagpur!