Returning from BoBMC RiderMania 2016

If you have been following the BOBMC RiderMania 2016 story till now, the event was done and dusted and the only thing remaining was us returning from BoBMC RiderMania 2016. I spent a good deal of time dusting and cleaning the motorcycle, after parking in the field of dust. It has been a long event, and our tent #14 was almost deserted.

Karna on ThunderDuck
ThunderDuck sure has Karna’s head on fire.

Needed to make good time to get to Hyderabad before sunset. No lights, remember? This was one of the reasons that I wanted to leave early, and the other was that I did not want to risk eating anything. There were others who had left even earlier in the morning, but in the dark, it would be tough for me to ride out. With plenty of water in the case, I made my way towards the Nagpur and beyond.

Returning from BoBMC RiderMania 2016
Thermal plants of Nagpur as we approach and slingshot it.

I had done most of the route nearing (or in this case heading out) Nagpur, trying to stay alive in the dark. Riding in other’s headlights did not allow me to soak in the sights around this town. Now was a good opportunity and there were some nice sections. The bike was purring along well and I did not have to pull the air filter to clear the dust that I thought may have gotten into it.

Returning from BoBMC RiderMania 2016
Cutting through.

Madras Bulls were the first batch that I caught on the highway. A couple of other hydration stops in addition to this were the only ones I made. Nearing Hyderabad, I caught the Bulls of Mysore, who were planning to pitch tents in a dhaba. That sounded good, and I could just crash out on a charpoy there. Their plans changed, and I went on to meet the other RTMCers at Hyderabad. Thanks to Vikki’s WhatsApp message asking if anyone wanted a room in the hotel they were staying at. Long and dreary ride through Hyderabad traffic without lights. Do not think I’ll do it again.

Thanks to the boys and the good biryani, I slept well for once in about a week. Some of the vehicles and riders had issues and news trickled in as I passed out last night. Checked out of the hotel with the rest next morning. 600 more kilometres of these mind-numbing straight roads and I would be back home.

Trucks while returning from BoBMC RiderMania 2016
I love trucks, no denying that.

A few chai regroups, the Bulls of Mysore issue, one attempt at fixing Vikram’s bike that needed some attention were the only stops. Nothing critical and I got to Hebbal in Bangalore just as the sun set. Instead of fighting evening traffic, I just dropped the bike off at Asif’s garage and headed home in an Uber.

As this post is about returning from BoBMC RiderMania 2016, it is the end of this series. Go back and see all posts related to BoBMC RiderMania 2016, if you have not seen them.

Cannot finish this without saying that for a 12-year-old motorcycle, ThunderDuck v5.0 performed quite well. The “electrical” turned out to be a routeing issue that made the wires get cut due to the tyre touching it. More of a mechanical thing in reality than an electrical issue.

ThunderDuck on the highway
Home isn’t too far off now.

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